Importance of High Emotional Marketing in Digital Content
/ / Why does Content Marketing Need to Have a High Emotional Quotient?

Why does Content Marketing Need to Have a High Emotional Quotient?

In an era that talks about logical reasoning behind every purchase, emotional marketing should be considered. Here, let us understand the importance of addressing the emotional quotient when marketing on social media platforms.

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“Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well.”

Ann Handley

Importance of High Emotional Intelligence in Content Marketing

When was the last time you purchased something solely based on logical reasoning and practicality? Recent studies conducted by professors at Harvard highlight that 95% of people indulge in purchasing based on how they feel subconsciously. It is true that no matter how logical and practical we get, humans succumb to their emotions. This only points us to the reason why it is absolutely important for digital marketers to create content that people can connect with on an emotional level too.

As a digital content creator when you are highlighting the USPs of any product or service you are aiming to appeal to a customer’s logical thinking. However, as a brand, if you are not addressing the emotional quotient, then there are a lot of opportunities that you are missing out on. We will be taking a look at why it is important to focus on emotional marketing to make that actual impact that your brand needs when dealing in a market that already has tough competition.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

Maya Angelou

What is Emotional Marketing?

We are all well aware that of the five basic senses, the emotional sense is the most prominent and influencing. Therefore it is natural to understand that our feelings play a very significant role when making a decision. Furthermore, emotional marketing or emotional branding has taken the front seat for almost every brand and niche. Playing on the practicality factor may give your brand the initial push. However, if you can capitalize on binding customers with emotions, it will bring you the edge over your competitors.

There is a reason why more digital marketers understand the power that emotional marketing holds. It is because customers, as a whole, feel more connected with brands that engage with their emotions. In the long run, they will stay more loyal to that brand and will in some way or the other resonate with their personality and identity as well. Simply put, it is not enough to have a lineup of USPs when it comes to brand placement. The masses need to be able to identify with the brand’s values and ideologies too.

How to Stick to the Right Emotional Marketing Strategy?

It is easy to understand that to satisfy not just the minds but the hearts of the masses. Brands need to factor in the emotional aspect as well. But, for those people who have no clue on how, to begin with, marketing. Here is a list that can give you tips and suggestions tested by the top content writing agency. It will help you carve the best emotional marketing strategy.

1. Prioritize Urgency

Indeed, emotional marketing or branding is mostly about making the customers feel warm and fuzzy with tons of emotions. However, that is not the only goal all the time. Part of engaging in an emotional marketing strategy is to convince and motivate them to complete the action of purchasing their products or engaging their services. It is imperative that as a customer they are not given too much time to contemplate whether or not they want to act on their emotions. Work on campaigns and content that ensure a person experiences FOMO ( fear of missing out) if at all they are unable to buy a certain product.

2. Focus on User-generated Content

In the olden days, the only means of capitalizing on the actions of others came by relying on word-of-mouth publicity. Fast forward to the tech-savvy and digital era of social media platforms and the new way of generating user-based content is more diverse. If you can have your customers send their videos that highlight their user experience and give feedback. Doing this adds a personal touch to your digital content and one that others can associate with.

3. Look for Ways to Delight your Customers

All logic, reasoning, and practicality set aside, the sure-shot way of wooing your customers is to give them an emotional nudge. If you look at the way Burger King and McDonald’s you will see that most of their campaigns target the audiences with their catchy yet appealing content. Now and then it will be a good idea to surprise your audience in a way that triggers more emotions.

4. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

We all may feel that technology and the latest inventions are what keeps us happy, however, the power of nostalgia is something that can’t be forgotten. As a brand, if you can capitalize on the nostalgia aspect. If you can place a campaign centered around the good old days it will reach a level of emotional greatness for sure. Give them the memories of what it felt like to enjoy the basic but significant small things.

5. Highlight Social Issues and Happenings

The topic of women empowerment or issues like discrimination based on religion, skin color, and sexual orientation is something that people are very aware of. Creating campaigns that center around these social issues helps the customers bond with the company in a better way. Companies these days should be able to think more than just about their profits and work, which is why when you come up with campaigns that echo the common issues that people are facing, it hits close to home and forms a better bond.

Emotional Marketing is a Winning Solution

If we think of it, emotion is the glue that keeps us all grounded, no matter how practical and logic-driven we get. When it comes to choosing either the heart or the brain, we choose the heart. As a brand, you should not be remembered just for a while but for a long time. You must understand that emotional reasoning could permanently develop your content marketing strategy accordingly. It’s time that you get started on your emotional quotient strategy. So, people remember how your brand made them feel.

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